fredag 18 oktober 2013

To Bailey and Nathan!

So, this post is going to be in English, because this morning I received a wonderful text. Two of my closest and dearest friends are engaged!! Aaand, the timing couldn´t be better, since they are actually coming to visit me in about a month, which means I will get to celebrate with them and hopefully take their engagement photo (thank you so much for asking bay!).

I met this girl and this boy while studying abroad in Australia and I have had the privilege of knowing these two awesome people for more than three years now. I am so happy to have witnessed their friendship grow in to this beautiful lovestory and I can´t wait to see Bailey walk down the aisle. I am sure you will be a stunning bride, Bay, and I promise I will take as much time off as I can to be there and help you with all the wedding-planning, cuz you know we´re to peas in a wedding-pod! ;)

So, congratulations Bailey and Nathan, I am so happy for you guys! We are going to celebrate big time when you arrive!!

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